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Color Sequence
Needleheads OnDemand Video Tutorials
Most time it is easier to learn something by watching someone else do it. So as a compliment to our written Manual we have created the following online video tutorials. These tutorials break down the Monogram Wizard Plus into each component and show you how they all work.
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Download Instructions

Internet Explorer Users

  1. First, click the file name of the font or motif you want to download.
  2. A message should appear asking if you want to Run or Open or Save this program. Click Run or Open.
  3. Another message *may* appear stating the publisher could not be verified, what do you want to do with this file. Click Run or Open.
  4. A message will then appear saying "Click OK to Finish Installing".
  5. Click OK and you are done.

Firefox Users

  1. First, locate the file name of the font or motif you want to download.
  2. Write the file name on a piece of paper.
  3. Click on the file name to download the font or motif.
  4. Firefox promts you to save the file. Write the location you are saving the file to on a piece of paper. (Firefox usually defaults to the desktop).
  5. Locate the file you just downloaded and double click on the file.
  6. A message will then appear saying "Click OK to Finish Installing".
  7. Click OK and you are done.

   Print These Instructions

Ornates 2005

File Name: Ornates2005.exe

  Print-out: Ornates2005.pdf
A different version of the Ornates Font. Installing this font will add a new
font in the list called "Ornates 2005"
Sydney with lower case

   File Name: Sydney.exe
This is the Sydney font with lower case letters. This font ONLY works with Monogram Wizard Plus.

Special Characters
SyBlock, SySerif, SyItalic, SyCursive

  File Name: Symbols.exe

  Print-outs: SyBlock | SySerif
                    SyItalic | SyCursive

This will install 4 new motif paks into your Wizard; Symbol Block, Symbol Serif, Symbol Italic, and Symbol Script. Each Motif pak has the following symbols:

! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) - _ = + [ ] { } \ | ; : ' " , . < > / ? ~ ` ¢ £ © ® €
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